Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fuzzy Nails- tutorial included!

Hello! Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I've been pretty busy with school and other stuff and stuff. Anyway...

 A few weeks ago I was at Michael's for some paint and brushes. I also decided to go looking for some micro beads. After minutes of tedious search, I found the "scrapbooking" area (aka everything Martha Stewart.) When I finally got there, wouldn't you believe it, they were sold out. There was only a 32 pack mixed with glitter and other junk, and a giant bottle of one color that I wasn't in love with. I searched everywhere I could, thinking that someone might have been lazy and put it somewhere else or had hidden it for the next time they were here (you know what I mean.) But alas, my search lead me to nothing. Zip. Zero. Squat. Goose Eggs.

I decided to go back to the scrapbooking section for one last look. Nothing, except for some flocking powder. I'd seen one of my IG gals do fuzzy nails with this stuff, so I thought I might as well get it.

The next night I attempted the fuzzy nails I'd seen, and may I say, It was glorious! Here's how they turned out.
Essie Turquoise and Caicos with Martha Stewart Calypso Flocking Powder.

Cool right! You wouldn't believe how soft they are! Figures I had to work in the garden the next day and get them all dirty. *Sigh*  

Continuing on, I loved these nails so much, I thought I'd make a tutorial for all my lovely readers. 

First paint your nail the same color as the powder your using.

Then over a small bowl quickly pour the powder over your nail before it dries. Get a generous amount on.

After that just brush off the excess powder. after you've completed all your nails, take the powder in the bowl and pour as much as you can back into the bottle.

Voila! Fuzzy Nails! Such a super cute look in 3 easy steps! Hope you enjoyed!

Zoe aka Shelby

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  1. you should do more tutorials. I have been obssessed with painting my nails lately and need to new Ideas. :)