Thursday, January 24, 2013

OPI Black Spotted

Hey guys! I am so happy today, finally finished all my exams for the the semester! Woo! And I got the last stuff I needed for my Napoleon Dynamite collection! So be watching my etsy shop! I'll hopefully have it up by Tuesday. Here's the link.

Today I've got for you something special! Some foreign nails! Kind of. I got the Sephora France exclusive OPI Black Spotted for Christmas and I've finally gotten around to wearing it. It's so cool! I layered one thiiiiin coat (or else theres no spots) over a neon rainbow gradient I did, which there is a tutorial for here, on my post for my friend's blog, The Fabulous Magazine. You guys should definitely check it out!

It's obviously a lot brighter in real life, as most neons are impossible to capture correctly. I really love the effect of this polish and I hope they do end up selling it in the US.

That's all for today! If you want more details of this manicure as well as how to recreate the spots without this polish check out The Fabulous Magazine!


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