Monday, October 22, 2012

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Hello! Today I'm using one of my favorite techniques! Fuzzy nails! In case you don't already know there's a tutorial a few posts back if you want to know how to do these.

I used Martha Stewert Flocking powder for all the fuzz and for the thumb I used Hot Pink over China Glaze-Purple Panic, for the index I used Carrot over Essie-Tart Deco, for the middle I used Lime over China Glaze-In The Limelight, for the ring I used Calypso over Essie-Turquoise and Caicos, and for the pinky I used Beet over Wet N Wild-On A Trip. Here's how it turned out.

Oh ya, how do you like my watermark? My amazing artist friend made it for me. Anyway, It's fuzzy! And after about 10 seconds I wanted to add more. So I did! Let me introduce you to the Fuzzy Monster Group! 

On the thumb we have Bouncy. Bouncy is a fun pink monster with a love for donuts. My index is Scary, Scary is an orange monster whose only joy in life is dark places. My middle is Loudy. Loudy is a lime green monster whose whisper is as loud as a normal scream and will talk until the world ends. My ring finger is Sheila. Sheila is a very flirtatious turquoise monster who can talk her way out of any situation. My pinky is Baby. A young purple monster that can make you smile anytime anywhere.
Ya, I'm already developing an animated cartoon series.

That's all for today! 

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