Thursday, October 18, 2012

Julep- Sofia

Hello! Today I've just a swatch for you. Now I know what you're thinking. A swatch? Bleh, that's boring! Well, not today! I've got a very special color in store for you today! What is it, you might be thinking. Well, if you didn't already read the header. It's Julep Sofia! And..... it glows in the dark! Took me a while to get to the cool part, huh. Anyway onto the swatching!

Sofia took four coats over white to be opaque enough, but I'm not going to lie. It's so thin, that it slided around a bit and ended up drying with some parts a little darker than others. But beautiful none the less! Sofia is a green, really thin, jelly with a sparkle glitter that's blue at some angles. Here's a picture in the sun(sorry for the glare.)

You can see the blue sparkles more in the bottle. And in case you didn't notice, I chopped off my nails quite a bit!

Next is a picture in the shade.

And now, the picture you've all been waiting for! The glow in the dark part!

It's near impossible to get a non blurry picture in the dark. But look at how bright it glows! This picture doesn't even show the full glow! Forgot to mention that little dark bubble there. That kind of pisses me off. Only four coats and it looks as if I've used a lot more then I did. Julep is a pretty expensive brand, about twice as much as OPI, and it actually has less polish to a bottle then OPI! Julep polishes are pretty normal compared to OPI or China Glaze, but still super expensive. 

I wouldn't normally buy them but I'm a Julep Maven and get a box of goodies per month for just $20 and this was an add-on for only $5. If you would like to become a maven, you can go to this link ------> and enter the code when you sign up. Also, and I really hope this code still works, but if you enter the code PENNY at checkout you can get your introduction box for one cent!

That's all for today!

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