Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pretty and Polished Mathmatical! Collection Review

Hey  guys! Today I've got for you some wonderful polishes from Pretty And Polished! I love Adventure Time and P&P's new collection is inspired by it! No, I'm not a complete nerd, but come on, it's Adventure Time! I couldn't bring myself to buy them all in a full size so I settled for the mini. These also just so happen to be my first Pretty And Polished polishes, and good ones at that.

Anyway, first thing's first. The Young Hero represents Finn the Human, the 13-year-old adventurer. This color consists of tiny yellow hexes, tiny blue hexes, slightly larger blue hexes, light blue squares, and large light green hexes all in a milky white base. This is one coat, with a little placement, over white.

Next up is Peebles. Peebles represents Princess Bubblegum, the genius ruler of the Candy Kingdom. This color is made of different sized yellow and pink hexes in a light pink jelly base. This is one coat over Essie Off The Shoulder.

Third is I'm Not A Banana! This color represents Jake the Dog, Finn's magical best friend. This color consists of large black hexes, large white hexes, and small white hexes in a yellow jelly base. Personally, I think if Jake as more of an orange dog, not yellow, but it's still a pretty cool color. Here I have one coat over Essie Fear Or Desire,

After that is King Of C-C-Cool. This is definitely one of my favorites of the collection. King Of C-C-Cool represents the Ice King, an evil wizard king who spends his free time capturing princesses. This color is made of tiny red glitter, medium blue and yellow hexes, large dark blur hexes, and some white diamond all suspended in a milky light blue base. Really pretty. This is one coat over Essie- Bikini So Teeny.

Next is Rainy Day Lady. Rainy Day Lady represents Lady Rainacorn, literally a unicorn with the body of a rainbow, and she speaks Korean. This color consists of medium fuchsia, yellow, blue, green, and silver hexes, transparent white squares, blue diamonds, and some larger red hexes in a clear base. This is one coat over Essie- Off The Shoulder.

The sixth piece in this collection is BMO Me Up. BMO Me Up is obviously based on the adorable little robot sidekick BMO. BMO Me Up is a smokey/silver grey microglitter base with super tiny blue flakes. This is one coat over Sally Hansen- Wet Cement, which was probably lighter than what I would've wanted.

This next color is Vampire Sing-a-long. Vampire Sing-a-long is based on Marceline, the vampire queen with a love of music and her axe-bass. This color consists of large black dots, medium purple hexes, small white hexes, black bars, and tiny white, red, and purple hexes in a clear base. I love this color, but there was a lot of glitter fishing for me. I wasn't able to get any black dots and got very few larger hexes. This is one coat over Sally Hansen- Wet Cement.

Finally, we have My Lumps. By far the best name of the collection. My Lumps is based on Lumpy Space Princess, the the lumpiest, sassiest princess of them all. this color is made up of purple and yellow shards, and some tiny purple hexes all suspended in a purple jelly base. This is one coat over OPI- Purple With A Purpose. Ring Fingeris Essie- Play Date.

And just to show you how awesome LSP is, I've decided to give you guys a little video of her finest moments:

You totally  don'y have to watch them all, but some of them are pretty funny.

That's all for today!

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